What if the Church was never meant to be about gathering hundreds or thousands of people in buildings for one hour a week. What if it was always about equipping and empowering people to Be The Church everywhere they go, every hour of everyday. We believe that this has always been God's plan and were here to break the Church out of the four walls and change the world together. 

Be The Church was started in January of 2021, after a year filled with all kinds of chaos which caused churches to close their doors for months. It was during this year that the leadership team began to discuss how the Church had failed because it was more focused on weekend attendance than it was on truly developing people to be fully devoted to God. They began to dream and discuss what it would look like to develop a new model of church, one that was more focused on relationships, equipping and empowering people outside the one hour weekend services.  This new model wouldn't stop gathering in-person, but would put more focus and energy into the other areas that often get missed in a traditional church model.