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As believers, we strive to be more like Jesus everyday and in every part of our lives, including the way we cultivate relationships. Jesus was a master at building meaningful connections with others, regardless of their background, status or beliefs. 

We can learn many principles from Jesus when it comes to building relationships. Here are a few to focus on:

  1. Love and respect others unconditionally: Jesus taught us to love our neighbors as ourselves, even if they are different from us. He showed kindness and compassion to everyone he met, regardless of their social status, ethnicity, or background.
  2. Listen attentively: Jesus was a great listener. He gave people his full attention, asked thoughtful questions, and responded with empathy and understanding.
  3. Serve others selflessly: Jesus spent his life serving others, and he taught us to do the same. He washed his disciples' feet, healed the sick, and fed the hungry. When we serve others with humility and compassion, we build strong bonds of trust and respect.
  4. Speak truth with grace: Jesus spoke the truth in love, with grace and compassion. He did not judge or condemn people, but he gently corrected them when they were wrong. When we speak truth with kindness and empathy, we build relationships based on trust and respect.

I believe that if we follow these principles, we can build relationships that are authentic, meaningful and long-lasting. Let's strive to be like Jesus in our interactions with others, and see the difference it can make in our lives and the lives of those around us.

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