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We're talking about something slightly different today. We're unpacking the world of "Love is NOT" based on the wise teachings of 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. So, buckle your seat belts and prepare for an exhilarating ride of self-discovery and joy!

First on our itinerary, we confront the truth that love is NOT envious. Love doesn't boil with jealousy when your closest friend achieves their dream job or your neighbor pulls into their driveway with the latest Tesla. Instead, love prompts us to cheer them on wholeheartedly (while maybe harboring secret hopes for a spin in that fantastic electric vehicle).

Next, we explore the reality that love isn't boastful or showy. It's not the fitness enthusiast preening in front of the gym mirror, casting feelings of inadequacy. Rather, love resembles the modest friend who quietly assists during your workout and celebrates every improvement you make.

Arrogance? Certainly not a characteristic of love. Love doesn't strut around like a showy peacock. In contrast, love embodies patience, eagerness to listen, learn, and comprehend. Love mirrors the ever-patient educator, ever-ready to clarify complex concepts without making you feel less than brilliant.

Rudeness is another trait love steers clear of. Love isn't the person who interrupts you mid-conversation or barges ahead in the coffee shop queue. Love embodies the gracious individual who holds the door open, allowing you to pass first (and perhaps offering to purchase your much-needed morning coffee).

And self-seeking love? Quite the oxymoron! Love doesn't hoard all the treats at a social gathering. Instead, love reflects the generous friend who offers their last slice of pizza, even when their taste buds crave it the most.

Does love exhibit irritability? Far from it! Love isn't the sour feline that hisses and scratches when things don't fall into place. Rather, love is the empathetic friend who lends an ear to your frustrations, offering comforting words and suggesting a shared ice cream treat to ease the day's stress.

Love certainly isn't about keeping score. It isn't the fierce competitor who constantly reminds you of every triumph they've achieved. Instead, love manifests as the gracious companion who suggests a friendly, non-competitive game night.

And finally, love doesn't find joy in unrighteousness. It doesn't gleefully laugh when someone stumbles (unless it's a harmless pratfall in a delightful rom-com). Love is the compassionate soul offering a helping hand in times of difficulty.

So, there you have it! A lively exploration of what love is NOT, interspersed with relatable examples to inspire you towards the most loving version of yourself. Now, it's your turn to venture out and radiate this love! Remember, generosity is the essence of love – especially when pizza is involved!

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