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You will receive power.

But the question is—- to do what? What does this even mean?? Let’s go there today as we deep dive into Acts!

There are countless days where we hear bad news, something happens and we’re instantly thrown into a negative mindset. Someone says something or does something to us and we grow cold and bitter. The person who hurt us emotionally never apologized. “They judged me!” “She hurt me!” “How can this happen to someone like me?!” “Why did they have to leave the world that way?” “Why should I love them and be nice?” “Everything around me is so negative!” “When is this ever going to stop?” “When will my kids listen?” “Why haven’t I found my wife, or my husband?” “Why do bad things happen to good people?!”

The list goes on. And reality is that it will.

But here it is. We will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon us. The Holy Spirit is our helper. Our help in time of need.

1. We will receive power to walk boldly and confidently knowing what Jesus says about us and not picking up the label the world has given us.

The judgement will diminish.

2. We will receive power to love and have compassion despite never hearing “I’m sorry.”

The bitterness and anger will diminish.

3. We will receive power to persevere and trust God in ALL things.

The fear and worry will diminish.

4. You will receive power to train up your children in the way they should go.

The frustration will diminish.

5. You will receive power to build people up and not tear them down.

The need to react will diminish.

6. You will receive power to be who you were called to be!

7. You will receive power not only to do what Jesus did, but to simply live our everyday lives. I truly believe we forget that.

Life is hard, but we have a helper. Lean on the Holy Spirit to guide and direct you.

We make this topic so complicated sometimes. Something that can cause division between people, but it’s not meant to be complicated.

It is meant to empower you.

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